Who doesn’t love a beautiful brunch spread? Brunch lets us relax to savor time with family and friends while enjoying a delicious meal together. It’s also the perfect time to #haveaplant, whether at home or in a restaurant.

Two egg any style…with veggies

Versatile eggs play fair with an assortment of vegetables. Finely dice those leftover sheet pan veggies to add to omelets or frittatas. Enjoy greens and an array of vegetables in convenient make-ahead quiche or an overnight strata. Make simple swaps (think spinach in place of sausage) the next time you’re ordering breakfast to create a plant forward, colorful plate.

Top it with fruit

Find ways to add fruit to your brunch table or restaurant order. Top oatmeal with fresh banana or add berries to your waffles, pancakes, or parfait. When you get into the habit of making space on your brunch buffet for a bowl of colorful fruit or add it as a “side” to your order when you’re enjoying brunch out, you’ll include a serving (or two!) in your day without even thinking about it.

Drink up!

Slushies, smoothies, and unique juices can be made with any fruit, vegetables or greens- fresh, frozen or canned. Add a produce packed, antioxidant-rich beverage to your brunch table for a pop of color and to balance cooked dishes with something bright and fresh.

Frozen fruit FLW!

Versatile frozen fruit is ready to add color, flavor, and nutrition to a variety of dishes. Frozen fruit can be added to most mixes to elevate baked goods, pancakes, oatmeal, parfaits and more. Slowly simmer mixed frozen berries with a pinch of sugar, water, lemon, and a bit of corn starch to make a silky sauce ready to add something special to your plate. Or simply use it to elevate maple syrup.

Baked goodness

Even your baked goods benefit from a fruit or vegetables boost, turning an average muffin or bread into one with leveled up flavor, texture, and color. Use convenient dried fruit in a bright muffin. Or use pureed root vegetables as a secret ingredient in a soft breads and muffins. Boost them further and avoid added sugar when dates are used to sweeten batters.

Your next beautiful brunch is just a click away!

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