Giving Fruits & Veggies The VIP Treatment During The Holidays

They crisp and crunch like no other; offer sweetness for all to enjoy; and bring beauty to everything they’re invited to. You know them, you love them: fruits and vegetables. Don’t you think it’s about time you made your holiday party offerings centered around them? We do too!

You may be able to list off an array of benefits for following a plant-based meal plan on the regular, but what about when you keep your plant-eating ways front and center during the holiday season?

Benefit #1: Flavor

What are appetizers without the tasty dipping into hummus, baba ghanoush, salsa or guacamole? Meh. The holidays are not meant to be boring. Get your party started with delicious crudités, fruit platters, cheese boards overflowing with fresh berries and dried fruit, veggie-based dips, salads spotlighting both fruits and vegetables, as well as handheld options like bean and mushroom tacos, sweet chili drizzled edamame and winter squash soups.

Benefit #2: Harness Power

It’s true that fruits and vegetables aren’t going to boost your immune system, but they will help support it to do its thing with their awesome properties. Vitamins? They have ‘em. Minerals? Yup, they’re in there too. Fiber? Please…fruits and vegetables put fiber on the map. Antioxidant-acting plant compounds that keep invading germs in their place. Oh yea, that’s one of their superpowers. Get dry, itchy skin during the winter months? Fruits and vegetables can help you there too. Their water content helps to keep you hydrated as well.

Bring the power of fruits and vegetables to side dishes like roasted root vegetables, green bean almondine, air-fried cauliflower florets, baked apples, spiralized zucchini and spaghetti squash bake, to name a few.

Benefit #3: Indulge with Less

Dessert and mocktails are a masterful way to bring holiday meals to an end. After eating a large holiday feast, though, the last thing your body wants (and needs) is more calories and added sugars. Marry the sweetness of fruit and vegetables with less added sugar (and thereby calories) for the perfect plant party finale with fruit bakes, smoothies, winter squash custards, grilled fruit kabobs, fruit spritzers and fruit and herb-infused sparkling waters.

Looking to add a twist to this year’s festivities? Have A Plant® party at every course of your holiday celebration and see how this simple change can perk up the taste buds for even the pickiest, traditional-recipe inclined guests.

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