Warmer weather is here, which always adds a spring to my step, not to mention a craving for more fruits and veggies! It’s time to celebrate spring festivities and stick to your plant-entions by revamping a holiday favorite—sharable boards, starring your favorite fruits and veggies. Get ready to be creative and mix and match a variety of forms and flavors to march your way to better health (see what we did there?).

Dried Apricots
In my opinion, dried apricots are one of the unsung heroes of the dried fruit world. Often forgotten, this beautiful orange fruit not only offers great texture and sweetness to your board, but also packs a fiber punch!

Roasted Asparagus
You may be thinking, are you serious? Please hear me out. With asparagus in season this time of year, you know the flavor is going to be top notch and when you roast asparagus you allow its slight sweetness to really shine. Not to mention, roasted asparagus + soft cheese + a balsamic glaze + crostini = heaven.

This in-season veggie can add a peppery flavor to your board. Their beautiful pink color also makes a statement when sliced and fanned out across your board.

These are a classic for sharable boards and for good reason, strawberries pair well with a variety of flavors. Serve whole or sliced, regardless, this will be a fan favorite.

The Fixings
Although fruits and veggies are the superstars of your board, they need a few friends to truly make it 100%. Consider flavor and texture combinations when you are choosing cheeses, meats, crackers and spreads to pair with your delicious fruit and veggie offerings. Two to three of each will offer endless pairing options for your sharable board.

There you have it! Fruits and veggies are the star of the show in this deliciously easy bountiful board!

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