Close The Gap Between Purchase & Consumption

A key retail finding in the PBH Hacks To Habits Insights Report is that shopping automaticity is stronger than consuming automaticity. Shoppers may be adding produce to the cart, but once fruits and vegetables are in the home, more ease is required to prepare and eat them, closing the gap between purchase and consumption. How can retailers help shoppers enjoy all the fruits and veggies they purchase at your stores? Consider these ideas for Spring 2023.

April: Sustainable Habits
While there are three parts of a habit, the action itself gets the most education attention. But for consumers to make a habit sustainable, it’s really the trigger or cue before the action and the reward after the action that encourage repeat behavior and development of a sustainable habit.

In February 2023, SpartanNash and Weis Markets partnered with PBH on promotional programs focused on creating triggers for new produce consumption habits. The campaign’s key message was “Every time you ____, Have A Plant®.” Examples included Every time you scramble an egg, Have A Plant® and Every time you brunch, Have A Plant®. To help your shoppers create sustainable fruit and vegetable purchase and consumption habits, create a similar campaign, posting in social media, on in-store signage and e-commerce banner ads.

May: Food Rooted In A Better Mood®
Kids’ programming is on the rise in the retail setting and this audience will light up about eating their fruits and veggies if this programming is all about fun.
PBH experience suggests messaging on produce items in the colors of the rainbow always does well in social and digital, making this an ideal foundation of a new kids’ program, class, or cook-along. Or create young entrepreneurs by giving them all the tools and resources they need to set up their own fruit and vegetable stand. Kids could set them up in your parking lot on a Spring weekend creating a media event at the same time.
The added attention these young consumers experience is sure to help them make produce consumption a lifelong habit.

June: Outdoor Entertaining
Warm weather just draws people outside, for a quick break, a casual dinner or a party. How do you encourage shoppers to automatically include fruits and veggies in all their outdoor occasions? Add outdoor food safety tips to your meal planning education and tools, expand fresh cut programs to include seasonal options, and create new video content on boards loaded with fruits and veggies. The goal is to make sure produce comes to mind first whenever consumers are thinking about outdoor eating occasions.

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