PBH & The Have A Plant® Movement Brand Guidelines

You’ve got the right idea partnering with PBH to elevate your brand, commodity, business or blog! We are stronger together, and only together can we help Americans enjoy more fruits and vegetables every day. The Have A Plant® Movement is an invitation, a non-prescriptive call to action, designed to inspire increased produce consumption. Whether you’re a PBH partner or an influencer Ambassador, we invite you as a valued partner to leverage Have A Plant® Movement and become a plant-passionate advocate. This document provides everything you need to get started.

Download The PBH & The Have A Plant Movement® Brand Guidelines


The Have A Plant® Logo

There are several versions of the Have A Plant® logo but our preferred logos are horizontal and four-color. Click on the logos below to download web-quality versions. Print-ready versions of the logos are available for download on page 42 of the Brand Guidelines.



Review and Approval Process

All products using the Have A Plant® logo should be reviewed by PBH and all uses of it must be approved before you go to print. Be sure to allow for a 48 hour turn-around time. For approval contact Candice Gordon.