Can fresh cherries be used in baking?


Yes! Not only is it a super fruit from a nutritional standpoint, but cherries also hold up well against heat which makes it’s one of the best fruits to bake/cook/grill with. When it comes to baking or cooking with cherries, dark-sweet cherries should always be your go-to. While there are some recipes out there that call for Rainier (or white-flesh) cherries, they are usually better when eaten fresh out of hand or sliced and added into a salad or drink. Rainier and Skylar Rae® cherries, although juicy and delicious, can’t withstand heat like dark-sweet varieties can. They have a perfect sweet to tart ratio making any recipe extra sweet and delectable. Try these Baked Cherry Doughnuts!

Much easier than the fried variety, these baked cherry doughnuts with cherry glaze are the perfect recipe for seasonal sweet cherries.

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