Berry boards are a simple and sustainable way to celebrate the end of the summer fruit season! A staple at nearly every event, take just a few seconds to upgrade your Berry Board Game with these five easy tips.


Five Tips to Upgrade your Berry Board Game:

  1. Instead of serving your berries in a bowl, try a serving tray, plate or a board. (remember, berries may stain on wooden surfaces). Use tongs instead of spoons for easy grab and go.
  2. Usually display berries by type? Mix them together gently for a more inspired look.
  3. Add an unusual berry-try gooseberries or another local berry favorite to amp up your usual offerings.
  4. Add one or two other fruits to your board for added dimension and/or cheese, such as Burrata or fresh mozzarella for a more balanced board.
  5. Add a simple sweet dip to your berry board. Think Greek yogurt with honey, vanilla and cinnamon, chocolate or hazelnut spread or jump on the cottage cheese train with a dip made with the trendy ingredient.

Recipe Notes:

Left with leftovers? Perfect! Add the berries to salads, fruit based desserts like cobblers or crisps and use as a topping for cereal, yogurt, oatmeal…there are endless uses for these sweet ingredients!

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